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Local Partners With Local Mining Company to Complete On-site Demolition Services

LOCAL was entrusted with a multifaceted contract to deliver comprehensive on-site demolition services, scrap metal collection and removal services for a local mining company. The focal point of the job was the dismantling of a decommissioned conveyor section, for which they mobilized their specialized mobile shear equipment. A keen emphasis was made on safety, ensuring the secure deconstruction of the conveyor, which can be a challenging task due to the size and materials involved.

Furthermore, LOCAL facilitated the management of the scrap metal generated during the demolition process by placing scrap metal bins on-site. The collected scrap metal was later transported to LOCAL’s recycling facility for further processing. This sustainable approach not only reduced waste but also exemplified their commitment to eco-friendly practices, minimizing the environmental impact of the project.

What sets LOCAL apart is their ability to execute such intricate tasks with a minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing operations. The project was not only completed safely but also adhered to the pre-established schedule, showcasing their proficiency in project management and LOCAL’s dedication to delivering results that meet the clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations.