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On-site Processing & Removal of Scrap Metal

Discover on-site scrap metal pick up solutions with LOCAL

At LOCAL Industrial Partners, we provide efficient and sustainable management of metal waste materials right at your facility or industrial site.

Our on-site processing service makes handling, processing and transportation of metal waste easy. We help eliminate the complex logistics and environmental impact that comes with off-site disposal.

Our team handles industrial, commercial, and agricultural bone yard cleanups. Whether you need to arrange scrap metal pick up from your industrial facility, commercial property, or agricultural land, we have you covered.

Alternatively, our on-site processing services, to manage items too large for bins, not only save you significant time and money but also contribute positively to reducing the environmental impact associated with metal waste disposal.

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Here is what to expect when you work with us

  • Onsite processing services that cater to your specific needs
  • Usage of advanced equipment for efficient scrap metal pick up
  • A range of cleanup service from industrial to commercial to agricultural boneyard
  • Scrap metal pick up for industrial, commercial and residential properties that is both professional and reliable

Let LOCAL handle your metal waste.

Don’t worry about the hassle of off-site disposal.

You can learn more about how metal waste contributes to pollution and the importance of taking care of it in this article. Together, we can take steps to mitigate these impacts and our team of professionals is here to help.

We guarantee efficient and professional handling of your scrap metal pick up needs, using our expertise and advanced equipment.

Contact us to learn more about on-site services as well as other services that we offer. Let us take care of all your industrial services needs.

Why work with Local Industrial Partners?

what we offer

Turnkey Solutions

25+ years of experience

Local to the Kootenay community

Competitive pricing

Comprehensive safety program

Certified Aboriginal Business

High customer satisfaction

Environmentally responsible practices

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Don’t settle for anything less than LOCAL Industrial Partners. Contact us today and let’s get started!