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LOCAL Industrial Partners Open a Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Genelle, BC

LOCAL Industrial Partners has recently announced the grand opening of their scrap metal recycling center in Genelle, British Columbia. Located 15 kilometers away from Trail and Castlegar, this facility is set to provide locals with a trusted solution for their unwanted metal. With a range of services and offerings tailored to meet the needs of both commercial and residential clients, this facility aims to promote responsible recycling while providing competitive compensation for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Competitive Compensation

Recognizing the value of recycling efforts, LOCAL ensures that clients are fairly compensated for their contributions. By offering competitive compensation for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the facility encourages individuals and businesses to participate in metal recycling. Being a part of the community themselves, they pride themselves on being a trusted and reliable LOCAL partner.

A One-Stop Solution for Scrap Metal Recycling

Equipped with a certified truck and pallet scale, they offer non-ferrous and ferrous offloading services, enabling smooth and efficient material processing. Commercial truck offloading is also available, making it a convenient option for businesses seeking to recycle their metal responsibly.

Environmental Responsibility

In line with their commitment to environmental responsibility, the facility offers a no-fee drop-off service for appliances, serving as a MARR (Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable) approved collection site. LOCAL also ensures that any ODS (ozone-depleting substances) that are removed from refrigerated appliances and components are done by a certified technician. In doing so, they can guarantee the safe disposal of harmful substances.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

By providing mill-ready feedstock, this metal recycling facility contributes to the reduction of raw ore mining. Through the re-melting of metals into new materials, the facility actively supports the conservation of natural resources and plays a crucial role in minimizing emissions associated with traditional mining practices. This sustainable approach not only benefits the local community but also has a positive impact on the global environment.

Bin Rentals

To cater to clients with larger quantities of unwanted metal, LOCAL offers metal bin rentals for off-site collection. This convenient service allows businesses and individuals to easily gather and transport their unwanted metal to the recycling facility. 

LOCAL Industrial Partners’ metal recycling facility will provide local residents and businesses with comprehensive metal recycling solutions while showcasing the positive impact of responsible recycling.